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Academic Programs

Graduate Programs

  • PhD in Robotics
    The world’s first doctoral program in robotics prepares graduate students to be tomorrow’s leaders in robotics research.
  • MS in Robotics (MSR)
    A two year masters program that teaches the fundamentals of robotics theory and practice through coursework and independent research.
  • MS in Robotic Systems Development (MRSD)
    An advanced graduate degree with a combined technical/business focus for recent-graduates/practicing-professionals engaged in, or wishing to enter, the robotics and automation field as practitioners in the commercial sector.
  • MS in Computer Vision (MSCV)
    A 16 month masters program that teaches the fundamentals of computer vision theory to prepare students for careers in industry.

PhD Affiliated programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • BS with additional Robotics Major
    The new Robotics Additional Major is for those undergraduates who want an in-depth understanding of Robotics Engineering and Science.
  • BS with Robotics Minor
    An undergraduate program that teaches the principles and practice of robotics through theoretical studies and hands-on experience with robots.
  • BS plus MS in Robotics (fifth year)
    A special masters program that enables Carnegie Mellon undergraduates to complete a masters degree in their fifth year.