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RI Seminar: Shuo Yang
From Drones To Robots, The Road To Make Technologies More Accessible
March 03, 2017 - Length: 1:00:00
RI Seminar: Katsushi Ikeuchi 2017
e-Intangible Heritage
February 24, 2017 - Length: 1:00:00
RI Seminar: Davide Scaramuzza
Towards Agile Flight of Vision-controlled Micro Flying Robots: from Active Vision to Event-based Vision
February 17, 2017 - Length: 1:00:00
RI Seminar: José Alain Sahel, MD
Pathway Toward Vision Restoration, Artificial Vision, Artificial Retina, Optogenetics
February 10, 2017 - Length: 47:00
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From the Archives

RI Seminar: Jeff Cohn
Use of Active Appearance Models for Analysis and Synthesis of Naturally Occurring Behavior
November 13, 2009 - Length: 75:00
Spinner UGCV
NREC's Spinner was a milestone in unmanned vehicles and paved the way for Crusher.
October 07, 2008 - Length: 03:10
RI Seminar: Ryan Eustice
University of Michigan’s Work Toward Autonomous Cars
October 30, 2015 - Length: 1:08:00
RI Seminar: Mark Cutkosky
Bio-Inspired Dynamic Surface Grasping
March 20, 2015 - Length: 1:06:30
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