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Nicholas Patronik
Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

My research involves the development and analysis of robotic systems for use in minimally invasive intervention. Minimally invasive instrumentation and techniques have decreased the morbidity associated with surgery, primarily through the use of endoscopic and catheter-based therapies. These techniques, however, reduce the workspace and dexterity of the surgeon during the procedure. Robotic instrumentation has the ability to augment the capabilities of the surgeon under these restricted conditions. To this end, I have designed and tested a miniature mobile robot (HeartLander) to enhance the precision and stability of interaction with the surface of the beating heart in a less invasive manner. This device adheres to the surface of the beating heart, autonomously navigates to the specified operative site, and administers the therapy under the control of the physician.

Research Interest Keywords
controldesignhapticsmechatronicsmedical applicationsmedical robotics