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Stanislav Funiak
PhD Student, RI
Alumnus of RI.
Research Interests

I am interested in formalisms and algorithms for effectively addressing large-scale problems in Bayesian inference and machine learning. My research interests include graphical models, convex optimization, distributed algorithms, and their application to computer vision. Recently, I have worked on dynamic probabilistic inference (filtering) in distributed systems, such as sensor networks and synthetic reality. Distributed systems offer a number of interesting challenges: the nodes and the information they carry may be lost, while delayed communication creates inconsistencies among the nodes' beliefs. An example application is distributed localization of networked cameras, where the goal is to localize a set of cameras connected in a wireless network by tracking a moving object. We demonstrated a novel approach, relative over-parameterization of the camera pose, that allows us to represent complex distribution of this problem effectively using a single Gaussian.

Research Interest Keywords
artificial intelligencecomputer visionmachine learningsensor fusion