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Micro Air Vehicle Scouts for Intelligent Semantic Mapping
The goal of this project is develop the next level of capability for a low-flying, map building MAV scout. The research will demonstrate rapid scouting in cluttered environments and acquire relevant semantically annotated maps.
Micron: Intelligent Microsurgical Instruments
Suppression of hand tremor to improve precision in microsurgery.
Modeling Cultural Factors in Collaboration and Negotiation (MURI 14)
This multi-university cooperation project concentrates on Modeling Cultural Factors in Collaboration and Negotiation The goal of this project is to conduct basic research to provide validated theories and techniques for descriptive and predictive models of dynamic collaboration and negotiation that consider cultural and social factors.
Modelling Synergies in Large Human-Machine Networked Systems (MURI 7)
This multi-university cooperation project concentrates on modeling synergies in large Human-Machine networked systems. The goals of this project are to achieve following: develop validated theories and techniques to predict behavior of large-scale, networked human-machine systems involving unmanned vehicles; model human decision making efficiency in such networked systems; and investigate the efficacy of adaptive automation to enhance human-system performance.
Modular Snake Robots
Monitoring of Coastal Ocean Processes
This project is attempting to elucidate the basic principles governing environmental field model synthesis based on the integration of adaptive robot sampling with human decision-making
The MORSE project is a simulated range operation, designed to evaluate effectiveness of the cognitive models and agents, in order to improve individual and team performance.
Multimodal Data Collection
A multimodal database of subjects performing the tasks involved in cooking, captured with several sensors (audio, video, motion capture, accelerometer/gyroscope).
Multimodal Diaries
Summarization of daily activity from multimodal data (audio, video, body sensors and computer monitoring)
Navigation Among Movable Obstacles (NAMO)
Autonomous motion planning and control for robots working in reconfigurable environments.
Safe and independent navigation of urban environments is a key feature of accessible cities. People who have physical challenges need practical, customizable, low-cost and easily-deployable mobility aids to help them safely navigate urban environments. Technology tools provide opportunities to empower people with disabilities to overcome some day-to-day challenges.
Needle Steering for Brain Surgery
We are developing high accuracy proportional steering of flexible needles for minimally invasive navigation in the brain.