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Howard Wactlar
Alumni Research Professor, RI/CS
Office: GHC 9011
Phone: (412) 268-2571
Research Interests
quality-of-life technology, multimedia information systems, machine understanding of video and human behavior
Lee Weiss
Research Professor Emeritus, RI
Office: NSH 3113
Phone: (412) 268-7657
Research Interests
tissue engineering, rapid prototyping, quality-of-life technology, MEMS, medical robotics
David Wettergreen
Research Professor; Associate Director for Education and Director of the Ph.D. Program, RI
Office: NSH 2115
Phone: (412) 268-5421
Research Interests
systems engineering, space robotics, planning and scheduling, mobile robots, machine learning, human-robot interaction, field robotics, computer vision, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence
William (Red) L. Whittaker
University Professor, RI
Office: NSH 2109
Phone: 412-268-6559